my name is twinkle and i rly like snow!!


print shop!!

i run asksailorpluto and sourearth
Anonymous asked:
The question about the button is from a book! I'm nowhere near as messed up as to think something like that up :)

ahaha that is fair enough!! i was like wow

Anonymous asked:
There's a button in a room. Pressing the button will kill a random 2 billion people, possibly yourself, family, friends - it's completely random. This will ensure the survival of the human race for another four hundred years. If you don't, the human race will die in one hundred years. What do you do?

omfg thats fucking awful anon why

i guess i would b ut holy shit

Anonymous asked:
Hello I also live in a tiny village in the UK and am wondering what county you live in? I'm North West, Derbyshire :)

ahh im quite a way off from that! hampshire, way down south :U