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Anonymous asked:
could you please do a tutorial of your colouring process,step-by-step? i love the way how you do it!

ahh thank you! i’m glad you do! 

there are two ways that i usually colour - one is the super-lazy way with the blocky colours and the other is my paint-y style, and im guessing that you want me to show you the process for the lazy way cause that’s what i use the most often?? (let me know if you’d rather see the other way)

i do just wanna say though that this method of colouring is very very lazy and also ignores some pretty important principles of art like lighting and shading etc, so please dont take this tutorial for gospel and choose to only follow this way, cause it’ll probably do more damage than good (it has done for me hAH).

anyway! here is my process:

start with a lineart of some sort. it doesn’t have to be neat.

i like to use the stumpy pencil tool!

hello karkat you are looking bishie today (hahah every picture of karkat i draw looks exactly the same omg)

next up just add blocky colours all on one layer below the lineart. fuck neatness

also once that’s done i like to colour the lineart. i add a layer above the lines then clip it to the layer below (ctrl+alt+G) (like so))

i like to make the lines more saturated around the cheeks/ears/nose

after that i merge everything onto one layer. i know working on only one layer can be a scary concept to many people (it certainly was for me!), but imo it makes things a lot easier!

after that just keep adding more details until satisfied

shading is cool. i don’t usually bother with it other than really simple shadows under the chin and a few shiny highlights in the hair

and finally if necessary just add some adjustments/effects!

(i usually go for a large, soft brush at a low opacity on overlay mode, and sometimes colour balance (ctrl+B))

the whole process takes me about 30-40mins.

anyway i hope that is helpful to you and please remember not to take my advice too seriously! ~(ω◕✿)

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